Granny Gratitude – Thrift Snags

There is a common theme amongst most of the items I procure secondhand. Take a nice hard look at all of my recent purchases and you will begin to see why I always take the time to say “Thanks for clearing out your house Granny” – most of my items look like they are straight from your elderly grandparents display case, kitchen table or dish cupboard. And you know what, that just suits me fine. Granny Gratitude – Thrift Snags:

B asked me if this was from my Grandmother’s house. That’s how much it looked like it was straight from her linen cupboard! It was bright, springy, in pretty good condition and only cost £1.50.

A lovely Granny unloaded 4 of her perfectly blue soup bowls onto me at last weeks carboot sale – for 50p each, came to £2 total for 4. These bowls really couldn’t be more ‘me’! Perfect for pasta, Asian noodle dishes, salads, chili, stew….. and the list goes on.

Picked up this serving platter yesterday for 20p. Uhuh. It is so unique and different – England made porcelain – but it just looks so different than most pieces you see out there. New favourite serving dish.

Am a big dog person. Top dog was a gift for B – obvi! Springer Spaniel. Looks a little like Mojo but not really….and my own pride and joy, the lab bookends, who by the way, look a lot like my sister’s new sweetbabe, Remmy.

He sure looks cute – this was before he got comfortable and went bugsy bruiser… They are working on it.

75p for vase, 50p for marble vase and 20p for the frames.

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  • Linda @ theLENNOXX

    Great finds Meagan! I adore the serving plate, it truly is unique and beautiful. And the doggies: Just adorable 😉

    xox Linda

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Linda! Adore your blog! the serving plate was a personal fav for me too!

  • Laura Casey

    Great finds! love the post!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Laura 🙂 Do love my preloved finds!

  • Lovely finds. I really miss the car boot sales that I used to go to when I was at school. Canada doesn’t seem to have the same choice.