Gold Rush, Decorating with Gold

Admission: I just wanted to say ‘Gold Rush’. So there I said it. There is nothing more to it. No deep seated, inner decorator voice saying “Gold’s going to be big this season” or an awesome insider tip from someone on the inside, like Harrison Pike. Nope. I am just plain crazy like that. Get your gold on. This also makes me think of this video, “Where da gold at?” Love the idea of decorating with gold.

Like wow. Gold damask design by Wright, featured at the Tate Museum. In the running for the Turner prize. Spotted here.

gold cabinet gildedOld world. Spotted here.

Gold keys artThese gold keys would look amazing on a wall. Framed. Spotted here.

Gold sunburst mirrorGold sunburst mirror is definitely a feature in this room. Spotted here.

Gold upholstered chair

A nice bunch of colour in a dark navy room. Spotted here.

Gold chairs

Opulent gold chairs compliment the reds in this room. Spotted here.

Ornate gold headboard

Luxe headboard, spotted here.

Gold highlights in bedroomThe golden highlights complement the deep purple in this bedroom. Spotted here.

Golden Kitchen

A remarkable golden kitchen, beautiful features. Spotted here.

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