The Gold Confetti DIY Art Fail

Awhile ago I posted a DIY roundup that included a lovely gold confetti project by the lovely coupe at Mint Love Social Club.

Said pretty artwork. Mine? A Gold Confetti DIY Art Fail.

I had pondered buying a nice circle hole punch but decided against it when I couldn’t find the same one… And took a slightly different route with paint.

My weapons? A super cheap canvas I nabbed at a ghetto surplus store in the GTA, Martha Stewart goldy paints (regular gold and sparkly gold), round sponges on sticks and my most comfy socks that I have a hard time taking off.

So this was the super duper complicated bit: I took the paint and just squished it down on the canvas. Crazy like that.

So. Humppphhhh… That doesn’t look half as cool as the inspiration does it? Well that’s what I thought anyways. Maybe I do need to buy that circle hole punch after all. Damn.

*A wee lesson in less-than-awesome projects that just do not turn out how I had hoped they would. #projectfail

  • Anonymous

    Aw, I like the attempt though! I have a circle hole punch that size from Michaels. Sign up for their e-mail alerts and you get coupons every week.

  • I’ve wanted to buy a circle hole punch for a while but damn, those things can be expensive! Coupon would definitely be the way to go.