Make Your Own Glitter Swag Greeting

Monday I will have a full spread on some decorating awesomeness but for now you can see the sneak peak of some of the projects in the works. Make Your Own Glitter Swag Greeting 101 here:

Fashioning some funky letters…

Santa’s Little Helper

Sheamie. Her birthday is around Christmas so she LOVES being involved with Christmas projects. It’s her thing actually {remember when people use to say “Oh that’s her thing”? HA!}

Bring out the big glitter guns

Recently I got a little carried away with buying gold glitter. It was handy on this occasion. Phew.

Me violently smashing the glitter bottle in a not so friendly way

It looks like a mess now… But just you wait and see it on Monday.

It’s going to be amazing, just you wait and see friends.

And a bare naked tree… Just waiting to get dressed!

Come back Monday – I’ll be wearing clothes then.

And finally, our other little helper who was harder to capture since he is ALWAYS moving.

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  • D’vine Living

    love the doggies. and LOVE glitter

  • Oh love the glitter letters! Cant wait to see what you do with them 🙂 And so nice to see your little helpers, you lucky lady to have two happy pups! Cant wait until the day I have my own litter helpers!

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