Gift Guide For The DIY-er

Y’all know there has been gift guides out the wazoo over the past few weeks – my sister asked me if I was going to do some… At first I thought “Nahhhhhh” then I started to think about funny different ideas that haven’t really been covered in other guides yet… For example, a gift guide for people like me: people who like to make stuff but don’t always buy themselves the supplies they want because of cost/saving/blahblahblah *you fill in the blank on the last one*. So here is it: my gift guide roundup for the DIY-er in your life and/or ideas to give your loved ones for yourself!

Gift Guide For The DIY-er

Great pressies: a good pair of wire cutters, Martha Stewart sparkles, fancy punches and a spray paint can adaptor (aka a spray paint gun)

Accessory heaven: beautiful Kate Spade bag to lug your camera around in, a cozy circular scarf when you are ‘working, amazing 7 year pens and a kick ass camera strap.

Frills and thrills. Well for me anyways. Notebooks for great ideas, confetti can always be used for something, porcelain pens are cool and basic twine always comes in handy!

HA! Things to make the DIY-er comfy & happy through hours of hard grueling work! Good music (like Dan Mangan), sweet blanket to throw over your shoulders or legs, a flat cap for boys and girls to keep your hair out of your face, a Lululemon hair band for the same reason, and a nice glass to drink lots of water from (keeping people hydrated and happy!).

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