Freshly Picked Bouquets In Your Home

I am a serial flower bouquet luster… Not sure if that makes me a flower creep or what but I just adore freshly cut flowers in a home. No wonder stylists are always traipsing in with fresh cut flowers for home photo shoots. Just adds that certain something to a room. Adore it… Cheers me up instantly when I see a freshly {pinned} bouquet image on Pinterest! Freshly Picked Bouquets In Your Home:

Nature’s treat for us, wild flowers & herbs. Spotted here.

What a nice way to say “hi” to a friend, spotted here. I love the simple white painted “hello” across the kraft paper. Now if only I could learn calligraphy ASAP.

A stylist’s addition, spotted here.

Intense. Spotted here. How simple but stunning are these? This looks like it is straight from a holiday location ad! For Greece or some exotic island off of Italy.

Spotted here.

Clean, crisp white flowers. Spotted here. Absolutely perfect for a simple bathroom. Along with the marble? Just so luxurious.

Magical hanging flowers. Spotted here. This would be adorable outside of a party or a wedding.

Beautiful even in just brown paper. Spotted here. Look at those spring colours!

Rare white poppies, spotted here.