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If I told you that I have had this project in my back pocket well before I was even pregnant, would you think I was insane? Because I most definitely did. I love the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald (who hasn’t read The Great Gatsby?!?) and poured over his novels as a teen. In the later stages of my pregnancy, I had many restless nights (it’s prep right?) and I would end up imagining what our little bambino’s nursery look would look like to pass the time (as well as thinking of every single thing I wanted to/should do before the baby arrived). One thing I knew was that I wanted some personal touches sprinkled throughout the small nursery nook. I have partnered with Cecile Lau Calligraphy previously on some of my favourite projects here on the blog including our calligraphy tablescape and printable watercolour cake toppers. This time, I  commissioned her to create a bespoke nursery printable for me (and you!). Cecile is so talented at making your calligraphy dreams come true – she took my F. Scott Fitzgerald quote “I used to build dreams about you” and made it into a digital print that I could share with you as a FREE NURSERY ART PRINTABLE! Seriously. FREE nursery artwork. That is original and not a dime a dozen (sorry if you love those generic prints!).

Free Nursery Art In Beautiful Handwritten Callligraphy

Free nursery artwork - download this digital artwork featuring F. Scott Fitzgerald quote

The beauty of this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote is that it would actually be placed anywhere in your home as it does not scream “baby friendly art”. It spoke to me personally on so many levels. I would be lying if I pretended that I haven’t always imagined having children for a long time – I love babies. I always have.

Nursery quote artwork for free on digital download available. I use to build dreams about you - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The moment Kieran came into our lives was a moment that I had long imagined (the being a mom part, not the labor part!). Everyday I feel so lucky to be his mom (what a cliche thing to say, I know!). I waited a little longer to start a family and so I was that much more ready when the time came.

“I used to build dreams about you” Art Print

Download this beautiful calligraphy quote artwork for free -

I hope you guys love this free nursery art as much I do. It holds a special place in my heart as it is very very true and was made by a dear friend. How special is that? All you need is a good quality printer and paper. I actually printed mine at a print shop since we do have a colour printer. But print, get yourself a frame and you are set.

DIY printable nursery print - free digital download -

Get your Nursery Art Printable!

I use to build dreams upon you - F. Scott Fitzgerald quote - free printable download

The quote print is just the perfect compliment to our little wolf cub print (by the lovely The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose) and an old post card that I got James. Or he got me?

Black and white nursery artwork - including a free digital download - - I use to build dreams about you - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The nursery nook is slowly coming together, you can read about the rug we chose here. I will be doing a full reveal soon – just waiting for a few more pieces to fall into place.


Love the print? Grab your print now! 

*This print is Free for Personal Use. If you are planning on using it commercially, or for branding, please email me to discuss commercial use*

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