Fogo Island Inn

I know this isn’t a friendly thing to say but HOLY FUCK! I AM BLOGGING.

Well I have set an all new record high (low) for longest period of time between posts. TWO whole months – take that blog world! I fail at blogging now apparently but I guess that is one of the outcomes of taking more time to live outside so I am okay with that. I have been thinking a lot about different things I wanted to blog about – my most recent roadtrip of course!

I went to a magical place. Fogo Island. And what’s on Fogo Island? Well the Fogo Island Inn of course. Fogo Island was one of the most amazing, magical places I have ever been. Ever. I am not a crazy extensive traveler but I do like to think that I have been to several pretty amazing places/countries in my lifetime. The pictures speak for themselves. We did a wee tour. You should go.

The deck.


Hot tubs in the works.



They let us see a room.


Main foyer.


More room (I didn’t organize these very well did I?). Handmade quilts and rugs made by local women.


Conference room with chairs made with local wood (crafted by locals too!)



I liked this floor.



Even these were cool.





Art exhibit that was on while I was there.




Should you go? YES. Can you afford to stay at the Inn? Probably not. But go nonetheless. I can’t wait to go back to Fogo Island. It is stunning.

Tips? Plan your trip. The ferry is unpredictable at best. We traveled there on THE busiest weekend of the whole flipping year – waited until TWO days after the Brimstone Head Folk Festival in hopes that the traffic backlog would die down and we still had to sleep in the 4Runner on the highway to get off the FOLLOWING DAY! Not a fun way to end a pretty awesome run on the Island.

The people from Fogo were amazing. Couldn’t have met nicer, more helpful people. Talk to people. Ask questions and find amazing things. Just thinking of the people on Fogo makes me want to hop a plan to St. Johns, rent a car and drive straight to Farewell (where ya grab the ferry).

So where did we stay when we went to Fogo? Well we camped. Outside Tilting. In probably one of the most wonderful campsites ever. There are a million stories that go along with that campsite – hikes, a fox, people visiting us (‘our cellphones don’t work but we are camping at the end of the Farm Road’ *NO JOKE*), THE sheep incident, meeting locals, wild blueberries, looking for whales – oh ya and waking up on the beach pretty much. The dogs loved it. Obviously.

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