Florence Architecture

Honestly I felt like I was perpetually snapping pictures. My right hand man would turn and look at me everytime as if to say “ANOTHER ONE?”. Every corner, every doorway, every arch….. I fell for. Florence is amazing city that we went to with little or no expectations. We were blown away. It is definitely one of those European cities that you just know you need to do a 1-2 stint in just to scratch the surface of it. Here were some of my favourite spied details and buildings. The Florence Architecture was definitely something that will stick with me from this trip.

Florence Architecture

Love the tall sleek buildings

Florence Architecture Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo)

Some of the details of the Santa Maria were amazing:

Florence Architecture

The colours and ability to stand up to time – weather and general wear of being a highly trafficked tourist spot is so impressive.

Florence Architecture Oh and the doorways…I could talk on and on about all the doorways and archways of Florence. We just don’t have this in Canada.

and knockers… Like the attention to detail is so beyond things you see in ‘newer’ younger countries.

Pretty amazing details

Spotted this interesting pattern on the underside of a roof

Fun retro bar signage

Florence Architecture Notice the paintings on the building

Santa Croce (also a patio of a very delicious restaurant called Ristorante Boccadama). Had this amazing tomato, sausage and white bean stew there. Have been trying to recreate it with little success.

Florence Architecture  cityscapeFlorence at Sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo – an amazing overview of the city at dusk

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