I’ve been taken over my an obsession for all these beautiful crafted wood floors. Honestly, I feel like a person diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And not in the traditional “I am obsessed with wood floors” sort of way… I am awed by the magical feeling of all those pieces of wood fitting perfectly together – it just feels so finished.


Original source unknown sadly.

I can sleep soundly after looking at a few pictures of those floors! Phew… Repetitive behaviours? Yup. Heart.

Spotted at Manhattan Nest

Spotted on the Brick House

No source. Sad.

Spotted on Jetson Green

Look at those large boards! Swoon. Original source unknown.

DIVERGING for a moment…

You are welcome!!!! Thanks to the annoyiness of Pinterest and Tumblr I can’t find the source for this one which KILLS ME.

That’s a nice nook but more importantly that’s a super floor. Spotted on Design*Sponge

Spotted on architect Stef Baker’s website.

Thank you – I can now get on with my day.

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