Find Momo – THE BOOK!

You know when you meet someone and you just know they are incredibly talented and you hope others will see that one day? This isn’t the first time I have mentioned the work of Andrew Knapp and his loyal bud Momo. And I am excited to get to share with my readers a special sneak peek of his PUBLISHED work! You can see all the amazing things he is up to on his website here but today I am just sharing his new Find Momo book.

Fresh off the presses, Find Momo

On March 14th, 2014 Find Momo will be available for y’all to enjoy from Quirk Books.

An amazingly simple premise. A dog loves to play, hide and be thrown sticks. Owner realizes dog will ‘stay’ until stick is thrown. Momo stays. Hides. Andrew snaps pic. People go wild for pic. It’s “Where’s Waldo” but for insane dog lovers like myself.

Find Momo the book

 I died laughing when I opened up the book to see the above face. CLASSIC Momo face.


 Each spread is unique. A mixture of some familiar sights (I have been following the #FindMomo crave from day 1) and lots of new sights and facts.


 When I was a kid, I loved facts about dogs. Thus the above “vital statistics” page about Momo took me straight back to being 8-years-old.


 I had the share the above page – a local haunt!


The above photo remains to be one of my all time favourite #FindMomo pictures – Sudbury is a beautiful place.

Find Momo

 This one? The hardest for me by far.

Andrew Knapp and Nan

Before Andrew and Momo left Ontario for southern adventures, Nan and I had coffee with them and got a lift home in their vintage yellow VW Westfalia. Nan was too happy to sit up front and kiss Andrew good bye.

Momo at Row House Nest

 Momo chilling at my place last March!

Honestly, who could resist these eyes?


 I am so lucky to have been gifted a pre-order of the Find Momo book (thanks Andrew!). But to be honest, for $15, I know I will be buying this engaging, fun book to share the love. Not just to support a friend but I know that anyone that gets this book into their hot hands (whether you are 6 or 66) will enjoy the stunning pictures and spotting that little black and white face like I do.

This photo is now I snapped last year while Andrew ‘set up’ Momo. He needed a little extra help as it was a massive woodpile so Andrew directed Momo where to go. Nan went with… Now get out of the way Nan!

Find Momo photo in the makingIMG_6578Happening!

And the finished product:



Okay that’s it. Guys. Go grab a copy. Or get in touch with me and I’ll lend ya mine! Ready, set, GO FIND MOMO!

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