The Bold and the Beautiful: Feature Walls

Feature walls are less common in homes than they should be. To me, they seem like the perfect way to jazz up a room, add a punch of colour or design for an affordable price. For the price of a can of paint or a roll of wallpaper, how could you go wrong? I know a young couple who have an amazing striped feature wall in their sitting room/TV den and they want to add another feature wall in their enclosed dining room. How could I not help them out and feature a collection of ideas? Some would definitely not be to their taste, but I figure its better to give a big selection as they may see something they would have never of thought of! The Bold and the Beautiful: Feature Walls:

Gravel Gray this is called. Me? I call it Midnight Blue. A dark feature but with other light things in the room such as the floor and wedding, its all good! Spotted here.

I adore the look of a two toned room – a double feature wall! Think this look would look great in the dining room. Spotted here.

Detailed wallpaper that isn’t too complicated can look great as well. Spotted here.

Funky bold wallpaper! Spotted here.

What about featured art? These shells are simple but beautiful. Would need a careful hand to get the look right on this swirl design. Spotted here.

What’s great about this wall is that the colour is broken up by a vertical mirror and patterned wallpaper section. Less overwhelming! Spotted here.

Love that shade of gray. Think it could look great in most rooms in fact. Spotted here.

Black – yikes! I know but doesn’t it look grand? Spotted here.

A bold black and white map like this would look amazing in any room! Spotted here.

Think stripes! Spotted here.

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