Evolution of My New Apartment

Previously, I used to document things along the way, corner by corner, project by project. Living in an extremely small space (for my standards) has made me feel like I am not quite ready to ‘share’ my new place yet. I have been living here full time since the middle of January… The process has been slow. I haven’t been wanting to rush anything and for budgetary reasons, things really have been coming along slowly. Don’t get me wrong, it looks completely different in here. I have been painting, hanging, moving and switching things around weekly. But it still isn’t there yet. Being so small, if I share one thing, I pretty much share it all… So I want it to be more complete. Most of the painting work is now finished – I finally got to use my amazing sponsorship from Para Paints to give the walls a fresh lick of paint. I had ordered paint to do my doors but alas, I am hesitating on taking that leap. I want to do it – so badly but I am a wee bit worried about my landlords. They were odd about me painting my apartment white for goodness sake. Ultimately, I know I’m going to do it. Maybe this weekend?

What’s up with Nan’s shaved belly? She got spayed. We were on spayed-babe lockdown for 10 days. It’s over now but now she looks all punk rock. She likes showing dogs her scar at the park. It’s her ‘thing’ right now.

I have been test running some art in my place as well. I used washi tape to temporarily secure some prints on the wall so that I could see if I liked my art in that location. Funny… I like it. So I should be taking it down and framing it, hanging it. But it is still living on the walls secured with washi tape. Classy, I know.

Like my 1980’s buzzer system? Be jealous. It has many capabilities such as “Talk,” “Listen,” (so creepy) and “Door.”

Back in January I entered the “How I work” contest run by IDS2013. Guess what? I won. Yup, I did. I am one lucky duck (or insert rhyming swear word if that’s your cup of tea). Crazy huh? These things sometimes take awhile to get organized, etc. – I got the email congratulating me back in mid-February! So excited. In March I finally received all the gift cards/associated paperwork to get buying my workspace items. So fun. Last weekend I purchased a beautiful desk from Casalife (one of the sponsors for the contest). Being me, I pondered how I wanted to spend the money and being my frugal self, I jumped at the chance to check out the Casalife warehouse sale in Etobicoke (advice: go next year if you get the chance. Lots of amazing deals to be had). My workspace is an absolute work in progress but getting this desk/table was the first step. Up next? Grab my items from Ikea and Morba.

I took some horrible pictures of where I think I’ll be placing my new multi-purpose desk/table the other day….

What else do I have in the works?

  • gathering up old and new art and photography for my apartment – I have plans for a wall of art (I am trying my best not to use the term GALLERY WALL) in my hallway
  • hanging a privacy curtain in my bathroom to conceal my storage
  • getting a new shower curtain
  • painting my doors dark blue (already said that just saying it again so I do it!)
  • selling a few items online that I don’t have room for
  • making cafe curtains for my large windows
  • making lace curtains for my patio doors
  • cleaning up the patio space
  • obtain patio furniture

And that’s it. For now.

PS – have I mentioned how much I love living in Parkdale/Roncevalles? I was a Queen West sort of gal – Trinity Bellwoods for life… and I must say, I still love TR but I adore Parkdale. I think I need to do a post on it.

In other random things. Here is Sheamie looking chic.

 And here is some crazy Central American influences in my apartment right now (SPICE!).

 How badass is that snake? Hand painted in Ecuador, I found him in Value Village.


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  • barbara @hodge:podge

    Looking great! Landlords are a funny sort, aren’t they? As for the snake, you should let everyone think you trekked to Ecuador!

  • amazing Value Village find Meags! I would love to get a neighbourhood roundup with pictures cause I hear so many negative things about Parkdale–let’s hear the good stuff. Glad your apt is coming along. Looking forward to a sleepover soon xx

  • girl this is LOVELY! you have such a great style 🙂

    we are still househunting and now i’m interested in lighter kitchen cabinets after seeing yours. it’s so bright in there. i’m also still debating adding faux ceiling beams to our apartment (remember that email waaaay back? lol)

    you continue to inspire me! xo