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Not to get all new age spiritual and reference mercury’s location this astrological year but, life has been good lately. Damn good. I am not going to delve into what I believe or don’t believe [no one comes here for that BS], but I definitely belong to the camp of energy belief. Positive and negative energies have a strong influence on how we perceive things, how we feel about ourselves and others and in some ways, the decisions we make. As individuals, we make decisions to surround ourselves with positive or negative energy (people, places, jobs, what you decide to dwell on, day to day tasks etc). Big and small, these things add up. If you have a person in your life who is draining your positive energy, run. If work is wearing you down, take a break or think about changing gears. Living life more purposefully is hard work but totally pays off.  Even very small things, like letting a rude stranger in a store ‘get to you’, sucks a little bit of your positive energy from your  being. Dwelling on negativity just attracts more negativity into your life. It starts small and just grows and grows until you yourself are a toxic person. So that’s that. Tangent done – all that background information is the introduction to say that all my hardwork has paid off and I just feel although I am surrounded with so much positive energy right now.  I have purposefully let so many things go. I had to. I only put energy into things that give energy back to me. No more pooling my resources into pits. I tend to be a giver and it can get exhausting giving and giving and not getting back as much from life.

Let’s all just make an effort to be more charitable towards each other, k?

Now? I am just a ball of positive good vibes. And on that note, I am super over the moon to say, I am moving. Into a beautiful, spacious one bedroom apartment up the street. We move August 15th. More details then!





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  • Ahhhh so exciting! How did I miss this post?! I thought I added you to my reader.