Drift My Way

I have a bit of a history with driftwood…I have spoken about my late paternal Grandmother in the past, as I inherited some sweet pieces from her, like my favourite hobby cupboard. Well I am bringing her up again. What is hilarious about her is that people use to stare at her home interior with wide eyes – it was something straight out of 1960. Pepto-Bismol pink walls, 1950’s robins egg blue kitchen cabinets, kitchen tins circa 1950 and a wicked ass collection of vintage bits and bobs. Another love of my Gramma’s? Driftwood. Uhuh. Driftwood. She would carefully select a sacred, perfectly formed piece of driftwood to bring home to the city with her each year after her annual pilgrimage to various Ontario provincial parks (Algonquin Park mostly). She would analyze each nook and cranny of the piece of wood and decide if it looked like an animal or bird. From there she would vanish or stain it and place it in some key location in the house. Drift My Way:

Some driftwood with potential from the Strangford Lough Shore (picture snapped by my other half)

So low and behold, after all these years she seems to have left another impression on me. I would like to share my little scavenger hunt for some driftwood goodies online.

This is a little like Where’s Waldo – Where’s the Driftwood? Spotted here

A collection of things roughed up by the ocean. Spotted here.
Although these are totally not driftwood twigs I posted this picture as I think this floating frame would look even cooler made with a collection of driftwood twigs! Spotted here.
An adorable driftwood boat with a linen sail, so cute. Spotted here.
I also really liked this one made with ticking fabric
Spotted here.
If you want to spice it up a little why not paint your driftwood? Spotted here.
A little sunburst love art with a range of different pieces of driftwood, spotted here.
A piece of driftwood with purpose, the driftwood rack. Spotted here.
This Anthropologie driftwood hurricane is definitely DIY-able! Spotted here.
A long candle holder, spotted here.
An assortment of natural driftwood in a vase, quite pretty huh? Spotted here.


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  • Erin Souder

    Love the idea of putting driftwood in the vase! Very pretty a natural… might just use it in my fall dining table centerpiece!