Drafty Farmhouse In The Ontario Countryside

We do lots of things when we go to the drafty farmhouse in the Ontario countryside. But mostly we drink coffee and talk. And after coffee, beer. And maybe it’s more like “town”side. But it feels like the country enough for me to just call it the countryside. And truly, the countryside is a 2 minute drive away. Ontario is speckled with so many beautiful, history packed little towns. Each has it’s own story. How it came to be what it is today – some of the stories are gentle and beautiful, others are created from necessity and industry. People live where there are jobs. And then sometimes the jobs end and people still live there because it is all they live and know. Other towns reinvent themselves as tourist hot spots and with adorable cafes and vintage shops. But others do not. I like them all. Mostly I like the characters that dwell there.

vintage bench

Remember when I shared about adding the Minted photograph to our living room and how we took our time and tried to be more intentional with how we chose items for our home? Well Leigh and Andrew are the perfect demonstration of a couple who have designed and decorated their home with intention. They have slowly created their home, one step at a time. Leigh does lots of things. She teaches yoga, writes poetry and makes books. She does the majority of these things from their home.

wind chimes in the window

leighs house

I have posted more pictures of Leigh and Andrew’s home on my Instagram account. Sadly, I deleted the photos. But you can find them here, here and here.

Find out more about Leigh on her website.

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