Do It Yourself. Or Have Someone Do It For You.

You can make it. Do It Yourself. Or you can ask some super nice person you know to make it for you. Whatever works – I’m not judging! Just do it. Somehow.

Okay let’s get this straight, nailhead headboard. Lots of heads. Spotted here.

Mercury glass. Damn easy. Spotted here.

Could totally make this. Spotted here.

Plywood art. So simple. Spotted here.

Two parts. Display swing, cool. Thermos collection. Also cool but in a weird ‘bet this wouldn’t look good if I did it sort of way’. Spotted here.

Spice up your life. Spotted here.

Have a wee sweet babe in the house? Make them a sweet cornice! Spotted here.

We all need more orbs in our lives. Don’t we? I do! Spotted here.

The original title of this post “fourth of July” striped bag is misleading. It’s just a striped bag. And you can make it! Spotted here.

Yup you can make your own graphic art. Without being a real graphic artist. And don’t start thinking you are one, because 98% of your aren’t {technically speaking I know 2 people who are so they are the exclusive 2%). Spotted here.

When I have my own house….I am making these. Without a doubt. You should too. Spotted here.

Super easy peasy way to spice up a simple white chair. STRIPES! Spotted here.

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  • Sheila @SZInteriors

    Love your roundup Meagan! I pinned the wine rack – it’s just so much fun 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  • Brilliant ideas here – which ones will you be trying this weekend Meagan? 🙂 I remember the days when I had the time for little projects like these.