DIY Wood Projects! The Wood Obsessed Edition

I have really been getting out of the habit of doing my weekly DIY roundup, and for that I apologize. You see…..Just kidding – I am not going to go there with a whine filled ‘woe is me’ rant. It’s just I have been busy. That said, I have been thinking a lot about wood. Natural wood, stained wood, old wood, new wood. Wood. A friend is about to embark on a pretty cool oak room divider/shelf project which got me thinking about DIY Wood Projects. Here are my top picks for y’all:

Wooden bench. Reclaimed wood. Great. Spotted here.

Some vintage inspired recycling of old drawers for extra storage. Spotted here.

Painted wood art. This would look really great in shades of grey – spotted here.

I may have featured this sweet wooden light fixture by Bookhou before but so once a second look. Spotted here.

Not for the faint hearted, DIY wooden wall. Amazing. I love this, more than a lot. Spotted here.

Reclaimed scrap wood headboard. Impressive stuff. Looks a little out of place in this bedroom would could rock another room. Inspired. Spotted here.

Reclaimed wood plus piping = diy shelving? Sweet! Spotted here.

F-ing impressive (mind my French!) table. Wow herringbone. Spotted here.

It’s alive! Very fun outdoor coffee table with life in it. Spotted here.

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