DIY Vintage Crate

I dreamt up the crazy idea to make a DIY vintage crate to house my sister’s wedding favors back in March. Part practical (like how the heck else were we going to be able to ‘CRATE’ around 75-80 wedding favors)/part selfish (knowing that once the wedding was over I would have these cool crates leftover).

DIY vintage wooden crate

Inspired by vintage soda bottle boxes I spotted on Pinterest, I figured making several DIY crates would be fun and look great. Also, logistically, I knew it might be difficult to source real vintage crates at the right price point, so this was the perfect solution!

vintage soda bottle crates inspiration

Source: Style Me Pretty

 This project is really versatile and can be used either for a special occasion like a wedding or for decor in your home. Perfect for holding things on your coffee table or for holding favors. The crates came in at $21.00 CAD a crate. All of the materials used can be snagged at your local Home Depot. When we built our crates, we created 6 for $129.00! That’s all in: lumber, nails and stain. Although they were only being used for the ‘day’ in theory, the crates are ideal for future centrepieces and decor at home. They are sturdy and can withstand a decent weight.

diy crates to hold wedding favors

Credit: Kamp Photography

DIY wooden crates


vintage crate tutorial



We were hoping that each crate could house approximately 20 individual potted plants each so from that estimate, we came up the desired dimensions. So the measurements of the pieces for each wooden crate (this can vary depending on how large you want your crate to be) were as follows:

  • Long end sides: 24 1/2 inches (and 3 1/2 inches in height)
  • Side pieces with handle holds: 14 inches (again 3 1/2 inches in height) – the hand holds were cut with my dad’s scroll saw (outsourced for that part!)
  • Bottom – measured and penciled using the assembled 4 sides (created a box) but were approximately 14×23 inches. Adjust if it is a little too big. The frame can vary a little depending on how well you lined up the sides which affects the bottom piece.

instructions for making vintage crates visual

Assembling these babies went pretty quickly with 3 of us in the assembly line. First we assembled the 4 sides, then slid in the bottom piece. Nailed those in place… And viola. We left the nails exposed to give it a vintage feel. Once the crates were assembled, I waited until a nice dry sunny day to give them 3 coats of the chocolate stain outdoors. Once I obtained that deep chocolate colour, I made sure to let the crates dry completely before putting the spray varnish on them.

make your own wooden crates

One of the very practical side effects of making the vintage crates was having a way to transport the potted plants safely from my home to the venue. And was super nice to just be able hand them off to the event planners to set them up. Easy peasy.

We actually ended up with one extra crate in the end, so we decided to fill it with some inexpensive flip flops in a variety of sizes to give guests a comfy option in case their feet hurt from wearing heels all day. We placed it at the corner of the dance floor and (not surprisingly) they were all gone by the end of the night!

ways to display flip flops at weddings

Credit: Kamp Photography

Lastly, with the leftover wood & wood stain from this project, Roselie decided to grab some white paint and created some wood signage as decor:

DIY wedding signage

Credit: Kamp Photography

DIY wedding signage let love grow

Credit: Kamp Photography

Interested in the potted succulents? We will be sharing our DIY for that next week on the blog! Pretty awesome to be able to create one of a kind wedding favors (and decor!) with materials all from my local Home Depot. Felt so great to be able to put a personal touch on each favour that guests took home at Roselie’s wedding!

vintage crate storage DIY


*Note: All of the materials used in this post were provided by Home Depot. The opinions and text are all mine. Don’t worry! I only write about brands I love!

All images taken by Meagan or Roselie will the exception of the featured image and noted image which were taken by Jake from Kamp Photography.

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