DIY Up In Here. The Roundup

I have fallen off the wagon completely with sticking to my Do It Yourself weekly roundup! What is wrong with me? Nothing at all. Except that I am busy. And I come up with new ideas for blog posts and sometimes forget about my old ones, that are fun and popular. Duh. Makes no sense at all. So that you forgive me, I am throwing down a super awesome, dope (yup, I said dope), fantastic DIY roundup this week. There are so many awesome projects going on out there, my own projects have come to a standstill. I need my own space again so my juices get flowing… Until then, let’s lust after other peoples work and get inspired! DIY Roundup for your pleasure:

Story: this was a coffee table, then it became a bench. The end. Cool huh? DO IT!

Spotted here.

Vase + sequins = super delicate prettiness. Spotted here.

I love love love this DIY artwork. And really want to do it asap. You? Spotted here.

A simple DIY fireplace surround, a great fix if you are in a pinch for cash flow!

Spotted here.

What an adorable way to spice up kids organize with these plastic animal tops!

Spotted here.

Industrial style record cabinet. Get for storing all your STUFF! Spotted here.

DIY nursery artwork. Spotted here.

Fun display boxes would be awesome for showing off your special things! Original source unknown :(.

You could totally make this yourself! Spotted here.

Borrow artistic friends and force them to paint pretty graphics on your tin can planters. Right? Spotted here.

Convert your favourite song lyric into fun artwork, spotted here.

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  • I’m going to attempt at least 3 of these DIY projects. I adore the jars with the animal toppers!