DIY 1970’s telephone bench

This outdated 1970’s telephone bench needed an update…It was hard work. Good intentions don’t always equal quality outcomes…Here is what happened with my DIY 1970’s telephone bench:

How it all began. It seemed so simple.

Fabric was the easy part (my boots have already found a home under there!)

Sanding wasn’t so smooth. Do not be deceived… even though this bench was made before the era of junk furniture – it is cheap. Really cheap. You find out that kind of stuff when you take a sander to wood. Thank goodness for black paint.

Better view of the post sanding.

Lots of painting! Starting to shape up.

Still in the works but I got sick of waiting to see what it would ‘sort of’ look like

Look carefully, the inside of the ‘box’ still needs to be painted. Ugg.

Brought the hallway mat all the way from Toronto! Ta-daaaa done!

It took ages. Mainly because of the stupid paint we bought… It was on sale, but it was definitely a mistake but there was no turning back once we started.

So bench – from a local charity shop.

High gloss black paint – B&Q

Fabric – Ikea! Cheapest fabric ever. Ever ever.

  • welldone! looks great!

  • Meagan, you are one clever diy-er. Love it.

  • Siobhan

    Looks super! Can’t believe you can do that much with a tin of paint and some fabric!

  • BL

    Love this bench, great for putting on my shoes in the morning before heading out to work! Great job love. xo

    • ha ha ha love that my own other half is even commenting on this one!

  • Man, you are talented!

    • Aw you are too nice Nadia! Thanks for the feature on links we love – that bench was a labour of love….

  • Karlyn

    Looks great, worth all the hard work indeed.