DIY Rustic Wood Sign

If you are anything like me, you might not always be prepared for holidays but most definitely love decorating for them. I have a LOVE inspired, DIY rustic wood sign tutorial for you today. This is the perfect tutorial for a fun and easy romantic DIY for Valentine’s Day without the 100 step instructions. I wanted a faux barnboard/whitewashed finish but pink. Stick with me here. I know it sounds crazy but I knew a pink inspired, faux barnboard sign was going to be pretty. Like over the top girly (which is not usually my thing!).

Rose Gold Inspired Rustic Wood Sign

DIY rustic wood sign

Learn how I got that Faux Barnboard look!

I have been pretty quiet on the blog while I was busy learning how to be a mom. Between that and my super duper awesome Pinterest business, I haven’t left much time for myself to be creative. I spend time helping OTHERS showcase their creativity and amazing ideas, while my own were just waiting to BUST out of my brain. This project was the perfect DIY for me to get back into the game. Easy, quick with max results. A quick and dirty Valentine’s Day (not THAT kind of dirty) tutorial. This DIY rustic wood sign is perfect parts girly feminine, modern farmhouse with a touch of glam rose gold.

how to blend rose gold metallic paint


materials for diy rustic wood sign tutorial

  • 1 x 6 x 2 pine board (only .90 cents!!!) cut down to approximately between 12″-15″ (eyeballed this)
  • laser cut word of choice (I love this Etsy shop!)
  • Two paint brushes (I used one small art one and a Staalmeester #10 brush)
  • Fusion Mineral Paint – English Rose, Raw Silk, Little Miss Piggy for the sign and a custom blend for my laser cut word (I mixed equal parts Champagne, English Rose and Copper to achieve a deep matte rose gold color)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Sandpaper

how to make rose gold metallic paint


Cut your wood board down to your desired size. I went with somewhere between 12-15″. We used a scroll saw as it was quicker but a hand saw would be easy.

Take a piece of sandpaper and smooth out any rough edges or spots.

Give your wood a little wipe just in case there is any dirt or loose saw dust.

how to fake barnboard look

Grab your wood, paintbrush and pink paint (in my case, I started with English Rose). I used the dry brush technique from this Fusion blog tutorial on how to create a faux barnboard look. Between colors, you have to let the paint dry fully. Fusion dries really quickly making this a short and sweet project. I used the dry brush technique in the following layering order: English Rose, Raw Silk, Little Miss Piggy and then did a little more English Rose to even it out.

I am including this fun little hyperlapse video of me demonstrating the dry brush technique! It shows you how LITTLE paint I put on my brush to get this faux barnboard look.

Dry brushing wood with Fusion Mineral Paint from The Row House Nest on Vimeo.

I wanted a really rich rose gold tone for my laser cut word so I custom mixed three Fusion paints to achieve my desired metallic – I did equal parts Champagne, Copper and English Rose. I love how this color turned out – reminded me of my favorite Mac lipstick, Viva Glam! I painted the letters first with my fine art brush then went over it with my larger brush afterward to get rid of lines.

how to make rose gold paint

Once both my sign and word were dried, I applied a very small amount of Gorilla Glue to a few different points on the back of my lettering and gently applied my word to the sign.

And done. This is easily customizable with different colors, words, seasons or the perfect gift for a loved one. HECK get a custom laser cut word and take your gallery wall up a notch.

rustic wood sign

I feel like this sign would look beautiful in an office space, hallway or as part of a gallery wall (outside of Valentine’s Day!).

pink rustic wood sign

I was really stepping outside of my normal all white modern decor vibe with this tutorial but I really loved how delicate and feminine this project was!

rustic wood sign


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  • Christine

    What a gorgeous Love sign! And I just adore the colors too! Pinned!

    • Thank you Christine! I can’t wait to check out your post too!

  • Jen Farr

    Perfectly coppery and pink. What a lovely sign.

    • Thank you Jen! I just love the combination of those colours for Valentine’s Day too!

  • Jessica VanderVeen

    So pretty! I love it

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    This sign is absolutely beautiful. Just followed on Pinterest. Keep the great ideas coming! <3

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  • This is such a pretty sign! I love this idea!

  • LOVE this sign! The perfect color of pink too! My favorite!

    • Thanks Shannon! That means a lot to me. I am not really a pink kind of gal but this barnboard look sold me!

  • Laurie Dickson

    I love the LOVE sign, it’s perfectly shimmery and looks very romantic!

  • The colours are perfect, and I love how feminine it is too! Beautiful!

    • Thanks so much Joann!!

  • Dannyelle @ www.lifeisaparty.c

    What a pretty sign, perfect for Valentine’s Day!