DIY Roundup Gets Wired

I like this idea of using themes to my DIY roundup, not always but like it sometimes as it tends to give me a little more direction. It’s hard sometimes to keep coming up with sweet projects – some weeks there are lots, other weeks are…dry. Although wire works aren’t really MY thing, they are cool. So here you have it, the wire edition of the DIY roundup at the Row House Nest. Booooo-ya – let’s get wired up, the DIY Roundup Gets Wired:

diy wire tableLowes is all over the cool DIY projects these days, great idea for marketing themselves. Spotted here.

diy wire flowersFun rustic wire flowers… Spotted here.

diy wire and yarn love For the crafty, warm and fuzzy types. It’s LOVE! Spotted here.

diy wire basket light fixturesLove these DIY baskets. Spotted here.

diy wire baskets for storageRetro wire baskets for shelving and storage? Amazing idea. Spotted here.

diy wire wreath and artI like the idea of making a simple wire wreath and adding whatever you like to it! Spotted here.

diy wire for hanging photosUsing wire to hang artwork? FAB! Spotted here.

wire globe light fixturesYou could totally make those! Spotted here.

wire merry christmas treeA little early to be thinking about this but….. Spotted here.

That’s it folks – that is this weekends DIY roundup – DIY Roundup Gets Wired.

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