Fresh DIY Roundup (it’s a new year after all!)

It’s 2012. New beginnings… New resolutions… New adventures and all that good stuff. I don’t generally make new years resolutions – I think it’s silly to do that only at the beginning of the new calendar year. And well, frankly January is the worst time to start anything new and hard – as it is also the one time of the year where everyone’s mental health takes a nose dive (well not everyone but a lot of people! Don’t know what I am talking about? Google Seasonal Affect Disorder)… So really, it’s THE worst time to try to do something different because I think you will just end up being over hard on yourself. I found this and loved it. DIY Roundup:

Spotted on this tumblr account (which is {ironically} a little scary and cynical and suicidal)

I think I have a tendency to be overly hard on myself. I stress myself out a lot – it is no one else’s fault but my own. It’s a pretty common problem and hard to kick. Balance is a very hard thing to achieve in life and the first step is recognizing I don’t have a very good balance. So there. I am going to ramp up my personal guilt by posting some beautiful and inspiring DIY projects that I would really like to do…But probably won’t have the time for – but maybe you will!!!

Love these name mobile/art things! Spotted on From Blank Pages

I am going to make some of these 110%. I promise. Made by Martha.

As always, Elsie and crew at A Beautiful Mess make some pretty cool stuff.

Adorable bright garland. Spotted on The Purl Bee

Wooden bead light fixture… Inspired by Dottir & Sonur 

Animal placeholders. Inspired by BHLDN

I heart you spotted on Wonderland Room Etsy Shop (now sold).

Image says it all, spotted on Hostess with the Mostess.

This simple felt tree is adorable and super easy to make. Spotted on Paper Valise.

Children’s room dresser update spotted on Curbly.

I just realized how overly feminine this post is thus far…time for some more “manly” fun projects.

Install your own cedar walls, John at Kitka did.

Cool wooden coasters on Happy Serendipity 

Source unknown (sad face at Pinterest).

Get inspired –  a vintage camera turned night light. COOL! Spotted on this Flickr account.

And lastly, since it is a new year, you will need a new calendar right? Don’t want to buy one? Print one of these cool templates from Love VS Design.

Happy 2012! xoxoxox

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