All That Glitter: DIY Round Up, The Glitter Edition

Oh YES I did. Don’t know what has gotten into me but I have fallen into a big ol’ pile of glitter obsession lately. It is like I am an 8-year-old girl all over again. I like shiny things, glitter and gold. Seriously, 8 might be an over-estimate. Maybe 6-7-years-old is more appropriate. All That Glitter DIY Round Up:

All That Glitter: DIY Round Up
Think it’s from here.

I love doing themed DIY roundups and this one is no exception….Especially with the glitter fest called Christmas around the corner. Here she be:

diy glitter fruitDollar store fruit covered in glitter. Original source unknown.

glitter pumpkin diyIt’s not too late to cover your pumpkins/squash in glitter! Spotted here.

diy glitter magnetsAdorable glitter magnets! Spotted here.

i love you glitter garlandSo sweet, I love you glitter garland! Spotted here.

simple glitter update to candlesGlitter-fied candles. Spotted here.

glitter on leaves tutorialSimple sparkly leaf table runner! Naturalific. No that isn’t a real word. Spotted here.

glitter heart garland diyMore garland {you can never have TOO much garland) but this time: glittery gold hearts. Spotted here.

Glitter up those jars. ASAP. Spotted here.

glitter heart sticks diyGlitter + Hearts + Sticks = Bliss. Spotted here.

glitter stick decorGlitter sticks. Spotted here.

Ooooooh. Lovely. Spotted here.

Fancy pants glitter labels. Sure to impress. Spotted here.

Glitter-ized table decor. Boo-ya! Spotted here.

I have to say, I love my glitter DIY roundup and according to Pinterest, you guys love it too! Tons of folks want to slam glitter all over the things just like me, so if we are all in this together, it’s gotta be good right? Happy glittering folks!

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  • Sheila @SZInteriors

    Seriously, if you can’t have glitter now, then when can you have it after the ages of 6, 7, or even 8?!?!!! Glitter is a very good thing in festivity land 🙂

  • julesjewelrybox

    OMG, We must be related or something. I love glitter and all things sparkly! I just started a new blog and I Have a bunch of Ideas for things I want to show the world. Glitter is NOT just for Christmas, It’s a way of life. LOL!! Check out!! I like your posts! Also have you discovered It’s amazing.

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  • AmyTsuruta

    glitter…I love glitter:)