DIY Natural Body Butter

Awhile ago you may have noticed me pinning homemade beauty/skin products on Pinterest. I did this after receiving a very sweet homemade holiday gift of coffee & coconut scrub as well as some lip balm (that really doubles as an all over moisturizer too!). DIY Natural Body Butter needed to happen.

After being gifted these lovely all-natural organic presents, I asked (begged) my friend to share her secrets with me – so after a little planning, we put together an anti-Super Bowl party = the ladies homemade skin product afternoon. There is something SO rewarding about making your own beauty/skin products because: (1) You know EXACTLY what you are rubbing on your precious skin, (2) you get the choose your own original scent, and (3)  it is WAY cheaper than organic natural products available in the store.

Warning: This adorable little gold hot pant wearing pig has nothing to do with the DIY beauty day – other than being present.

The cast of characters required for our day of making stuff (or in most cases, us watching my friend hustle and bustle)

Coconut oil, cocoa butter, argan oil, grapeseed oil and essential oils (tea tree oil, lavender, bergamote, peppermint and ???).

First up… Body Butter

Actually first up was this.

Yes it is true – while we sweated (well not really) over making ourselves all natural, super healthy, earth momma, hippy, homemade body products we drank wine. Wine is mostly natural isn’t it?

Scoop, scrap and dig the cocoa butter into your double boiler (or into a regular pot on low heat in our case)

PS look at my legs in the pot! HA!

Once you are done attacking the cocoa butter – add the coconut oil. Place on low heat.

Almost melted.

Add in grapeseed oil (apparently it acts as a conductor for the essential scented oils)

And add in your favourite essential oils – I decided to skip that step as I loved the au natural body butter scent! Place your bowl either outside or in the fridge to cool off.

After you remove the butter from the cold, whip it up!

Whipping it up!

DIY Natural Body ButterAnd the final product! Delicious homemade body butter – that honestly smells like a cookie. On my skin! Yes!!! WINNING! This DIY Natural Body Butter is so amazing. Love it.

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