Do It Yourself Magpie

Phew back on Wednesday’s! That was a close one…. Lot’s of fabulous do it yourself projects this week from all over the blogsphere… I have searched up and down, high and low, to steal you the coolest/best DIY projects I could find. Just like an old magpie… I actually quite like watching magpies in the park – they are an odd bunch of birds. They don’t care if the dog runs right up beside them but if I so much as lift a camera they bolt. Isn’t that bizarre? Anyways, lots of beautiful shiny things for y’all this week.Do It Yourself Magpie:

Update an older lamp base with a white sharpie! Fact: you have to have some artistic ability. Fact 2: I do not. Spotted here.

This one would be a labour of love but would look great in the end, little rolled up magazine tubes placed together in a frame. Spotted here.

Spruce up your tissue boxes, kids would adore these! Spotted here.

Looks like its not for your average DIY Joe but…. DIY light fixture art. Spotted here.

An old whisk recycled into a fun light fixture. Would look fab in an industrial/converted loft type space. Spotted here.

I love the top on this small table, bottom half could use a lift though. Yardstick madness. Spotted here.

Not so sure if its DIY or just darn luck, these big wooden blocks now serve as side and coffee tables… They must be so heavy! Spotted here.

Are you a shopaholic and can’t bear throwing out your bags? Perfect solution. Spotted here.

DIY Party gear. I will now be including a project that has a dog in the image every week. #newrules. Love this puppy’s face!!!! He LOVES parties. I can tell. Spotted here.

Awesome potato print artwork. So inexpensive it’s frightening. No excuse for a lack of artwork now. Spotted here.

Framed vintage style postcards from your holidays. Great reminders of where you have been and are just pretty. Spotted here.

Feminine decoupaged light fixture. Spotted here.

Super globe bird feeders spotted by a keen reader!! Spotted here.



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  • ohhh simply adore that light bulb!

  • Anonymous

    Love these, Meagan! The lamp is great (although I also would never be able to do that!), and I of course can’t resist the shopping bags…