DIY Magpie

I am a busy busy busy bee. So this is short and sweet today – here our the magpie steals of the week! DIY Magpie:

Make your own cement planters! Spotted here.

Make your own woven headboard – fun! Spotted here.

Shoe box art! Wow! This is not the original source but I didn’t have the time to find the real one! SORRY! Spotted here.

Animal silhouette art! Looks so cute in this nursery. Spotted here.

Simple boring pots reinvented! Mod Podge pots spotted here.

And a similar project but with the lids of jars:

Spotted here.

A lovely star mobile, spotted here.

A funky and unique way to organize and display your jewels! Spotted here.

Always love a new and fun Ikea hack! Spotted here.

We can’t leave out the pussycats! Another fun Ikea hack but for our furry feline friends, spotted here.

There seems to be plenty of art projects this week! What does it mean?

J’adore. Spotted here.

“I need to drink more wine so I have more corks for the garden” obviously. Spotted here.


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