DIY Leather Chevron Pillow

After making my amazingly soft and buttery DIY leather pillow over a month ago, I had odd sized left over leather hide remnants that were sitting in my craft box. Looking at the leather, I realized it was an odd chevron sized piece and the idea came to me to make a DIY leather chevron pillow using the remaining pieces I had.

DIY Leather Chevron Pillow

 Materials Needed:
leather hide remnants 

-20 x 20 pillowcase, I used this inexpensive Ikea one (only $5)

-fabric scissors

-ruler & fabric measuring tape

-fabric glue

-standard sewing machine with a leather needle

-pillow stuffing/form


As per my usual style, I just sort of figured this one while I was doing it. I thought about the design I desired, so in this case, two larger ‘fatter’ chevrons on the top and bottom, and two smaller ones on the inside. From the top triangle, I measured one large chevron (on the suede side) measuring 2 inches thick. After that, I measured two smaller ones, 1.5 inches thick. And lastly, measured another chevron that was 2 inches thick.

diy leather chevron pillow - how to

Using sharp scissors, preferably fabric scissors, I cut the leather very carefully. After cutting the leather, I lined up the top of the first chevron with the center of the pillow.

leather chevrons how to tutorial pillow

I wanted to save myself as much by hand sewing as possible, so I popped onto the sewing machine with my trusty leather needle and attached the leather at the tops and sides. This would have been much easier had I made the pillow myself but it took me a few extra minutes to maneuver around the pillow case as to not sew it together! Once it was secured, I clipped and tied all the threads and used fabric glue to adhere the long arms of the chevrons to the pillow. And viola. Done. Awesome, textured pillow that adds some cool lines to my sofa.

leather chevron design pillow

simple DIY leather chevron pillow

While we are at it, here are some beautiful pictures that Chris Webber took of our living room in the early winter. row house nest living room

row house nest living room

succulents row house nest

So there you go, a simple update to a white Ikea pillow – DIY leather chevron pillow. If you like the full leather pillow, the tutorial for that is here.

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  • SUCH a cool idea! LOVE it!!!

  • ramblingrenovators

    Awesome job Meagan. It looks doable, even for a novice sewer like me. I have a ton of fabric scraps I really do something with.

    • Definitely Jen! Easy and quick 🙂

  • Jen

    This is gorgeous!! Great idea!

  • aprettylifeinthesuburbs

    What a great idea, and the perfect way to use up scrap leather!