DIY Galore. The Roundup

Hi y’all… I sometimes wonder why I write intro’s. Especially for the DIY edition of my posts. You get the idea….We all like DIY projects. I find some cool ones & post them here. That’s all you need to know!!! Enjoy friends. DIY Galore. The Roundup:

I adore this idea of bringing little trees indoors for awhile but I do fret about what happens when you put them back outside? Maybe I don’t want to know. Project from here, original inspiration from here.

I love succulents blah blah blah…I love wine blah blah blah. Succulents + wine = unbelievable love. Spotted here. PS – imagine if I lived in California? I could live in a vineyard and have succulents live outdoors! OMG.

Strictly speaking this is a rip off DIY. The above is real art. I am recommending that it would be COOL to make your own version of this. Admittedly, my photography skills are not near good enough but if they were….I would totally do this! Spotted here.

Fabric leaves with vintage photographs screened onto them. This is so impressive and beautiful. Imagine how cool this would be a a shadow box or framed? Someone figure out how we can make these please. ASAP. Spotted here.

Make your own fabric name plate (not for yourself! For someone else…Someone small and cute). Spotted here.

A great little Billy Bookcase Ikea back from Eddie Ross.

I know for certain that this barrel ring mirror is from Emma’s house but I can’t figure out for my life if she made it, bought it (most likely) or what… It’s great though. Really really great. Spotted here.

Lots and lots of storage for lots and lots of stuff. Spotted here.

Cool cut glass vases. Love the richest of the colours of the wine bottles used. Spotted here.

Fun wooden bath mat. Spotted here.

Hook your lights up, just like Bri did! Impressive stuff. Spotted here.