$3 DIY Flower Crowns

Now I know what you are thinking, “WHAT? Another freaking flower crown tutorial?”. But guys, I made beautiful DIY flower crowns for $3 a crown.

DIY flower crown

I am even impressed . This is the one I made for my sister Roselie. It was the perfect bridal crown.

Making flower crowns was a planned activity for my sister’s fiesta themed bachelorette last weekend and it turned out so wonderfully. It was the type of simple activity that was available for the guests to do at their own leisure and allowed them to make something pretty, take some pictures and then either compost it or turn it into an all night accessory. In most cases, it became an amazing accessory for our night out (we got asked repeatedly about them – great conversation starter). And really, at the end of the day, who doesn’t love having fresh flowers in their hair?

flower crown basket bachelorette

So how did I manage to make 15 odd flower crowns for $3 a piece?

diy flower crowns bachelorette activity

I looked up a few different tutorials that I found on Pinterest, including this excellent one on Design Sponge. Mostly I was interested in what materials to gather. Each post varied slightly but I was really happy with our crowns. Here is what you need for your $3 DIY Flower Crowns.


  • Rope wrapped floral wire (6$ for 25 feet but I used a half off coupon at Michaels)** this is crucial as the crowns look so much more polished with this wire
  • Floral tape (a few dollars and lasts forever!)
  • 40$ worth of fresh flowers from a corner store including babies breath, freesia, daisies and some greenery (ranged in price from $2 to $6 a bunch) * cut to 2″ pieces
  • Sharp scissors

That’s it. The key was sticking with inexpensive fresh flowers from a local corner bodega. I wanted some flowers that were bright to keep in line with our fiesta themed party. We have tons of wire left over. I took all the flowers and clipped them down to 2 inch stems and placed them all in the basket ready to affixed to the wire. It was easy to just measure your own head with the wire and cut an extra few inches to create a crown shape.

What was wonderful is that as a bachelorette activity, it allowed guests to wander over when they felt like it. Some girls made them early and wore them all night while others made theirs much later. They all turned out to be unique expressions of each girls personality. Some were bold and bright, others more dainty. I think that generally people assume flower crowns are expensive, which they can be. But for a low key party, you don’t need to buy expensive flowers. In fact, I bought cheap ones keeping in mind that some will be tossed in the compost in the end. I can only imagine how stunning an expensive version of these crowns would look (hello wedding idea!).

flower crowns DIYFor Roselie’s crown (the white one above), I started on the side and wrapped the white flowers and greenery in slowly making the freesia the focal point. It usually went like this: greenery, flower, another smaller flower, greenery, flower, greenery…repeat. Make sure to wrap your floral tape around each stem tightly and your crown will last all night. Ours lasted from 8pm to 3am!

Here is proof (taken at 1am in the midst of the party!)

partying with flower crowns

All the beautiful images (with the exception of the last one) were taken by Chris Webber.

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