DIY Floral Sign

Hey everyone! So allow me to introduce myself… I’m Meagan’s little sister, Roselie. Things are getting busier at Row House Nest, so Meagan thought it might be wise and/or fun to have another contributor. So, I’ll be posting periodically from now on.

Annnnnywho. I thought I’d start off with a fun DIY project we did for my recent wedding: A massive, DIY floral sign!

DIY Floral Sign

Image by Kamp Photography

I love a big statement piece, both for at-home décor and wedding/event décor. There is just something about a big old piece of art that ties everything in and draws focus. I’d seen this Spring Wallflower project over at A Beautiful Mess last year, and ever since, had it in mind for something wedding related. When we decided on potted succulent plants as favours for our wedding guests, I knew right away that a big floral sign with our initials was a great way to tie it all in.

Although we didn’t exactly have a theme for my wedding, per se, many of the elements we chose were of a botanical/greenery nature.

The cool thing about this project is that it didn’t cost a ton (we could have actually bought way less greenery, in hindsight) and once we knew what we were doing (ha!) it didn’t take very long. And depending on your style, this could be one of those focal points you keep in your home, long after the wedding.

DIY Floral Sign tutorial

DIY Floral Sign


-old piece of framed artwork (we found ours on the street, however I see these at second hand shops regularly)

-artificial/fake grass or shrubbery squares/mats from the dollar store (2$ a square)

-artificial/fake foliage/greenery and flowers of your choice (this is the fun part… whatever plants/flowers/colours fit into your theme! Anything goes.) from the dollar store ($1 a piece). We used 8 flowers in the end

-glue gun and many glue sticks

-scissors for trimming pieces

-(optional) paint for the frame itself (I used gold gilded paint that I had left over from another project… though I was considering doing matte white)

-Wood Initial letters and ampersand from Michaels (see similar here) along with paint colour of your choice for those.

-10-15 plumbers PVC plug caps (1/2″) for adhering the letters to the sign (were about .50 cents a piece) from Home Depot . They can be found in the plumbing section.


TOTAL COST = approximately $55 ($30 for greenery/squares, $8 for flowers, roughly $15 for initials)

DIY Floral Sign tutorial materials


1. First you’re going to wash this dusty old thing and let it dry, while contemplating who may have owned it previously and what their story was, as well as quietly apologizing to the unknown artist for what you are about to do (cover their artwork forever).

2. Next you’ll want to repaint the frame, if you’re planning to, and let that dry. Maybe 2 coats for good measure.

3. Place the squares of artificial grass/shrubbery/greenery on the art itself and measure to see how much you need. Cut it down to size if necessary. Keep it all where you plan to stick it.

how to make a flower sign for a wedding

how to make a flower sign for a wedding

4. Start glue-gunning the back of each piece and stick it down fast while burning your fingers figuring out how to not burn your fingers. Ideally get a partner in crime to also be running another glue gun so that you can cover the back with glue fast enough to adhere it before it dries. Or, just like… go buy a regular adult-sized glue gun. That is also an option.
applying artificial grass

5. Stand back and appreciate your work. Sip on a coffee or beer or beverage of your choice and take a break to congratulate yourself and post on social media.

6. Start adhering your special flowers sporadically around the piece, making sure you find good placement first before gluing the base of them down to the bottom. (It’s useful to stand above it on a chair and look down to get a good bird’s eye view of your masterpiece-in-progress.)

adhering flowers to a DIY flower sign

7. Meanwhile, once you’ve got your wooden letter initials (or phrase or whatever it might be), paint them as you see fit and let them dry.

8. Once the letters are dry, adhere the plug caps to the back of the letters with the glue gun, spreading the plug caps out evenly.

adhering initials


9. Determine good placement for each letter and glue the backs of the plug caps, pressing them down firmly to the board. (You may have to carefully add more glue to the backs of the letters afterwards, to have it stick to the foliage as well for more support.)

applying letters to the sign

10. Congratulate yourself and admire your work, and call in your fiancé to admire your artistry.

At home waiting to go to the wedding venue:

DIY Floral Sign with initials for wedding

At the wedding venue:

DIY Floral Sign with initials for wedding

Image by Kamp Photography

What I love about this project is that it’s easily adaptable to any style, but the scale of it alone really creates a lovely focus. I think this is a good rule of thumb that most people are aware of when decorating their home but often fail to reconcile in terms of decorating for special events: make sure you have a strong focal point! It brings everything together in really a lovely way.

This was a great statement piece for our favour table. More on the favours soon…


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xo, roselie





All images taken by Meagan or Roselie unless stated (official wedding photography by Kamp Photography).

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