Wondrous Wednesday’s with the DIY Delights

The DIY gems seem to be going down a treat every Wednesday’s so let’s keep a good thing rolling! Need some new fresh ideas? Looking for a project for the weekend? Need to spruce up some old pieces of furniture that you have fall out of love with? Get inspired! Every week we feature different projects so stay tuned kiddies. Here our the DIY Delights for the week!


Have a lot of almost empty paint cans that you are sick of looking at? Dry ’em out, paint ’em (how ironic is that? Painting a paint can!) and stick some soil and plants in there. It is a fun and great way to recycle something most people seem to have laying around their homestead. Vertical gardens are great for small spaces too! Spotted here.

Great DIY/craft adventure for either someone who loves being in love or young children! I imagine this in a nursery or young child’s room or would make for pretty awesome party decorations! Not only is it crazy cheap and inexpensive (get ready to steal lots of pretty paint chips *which most of us already do anyways*), it is also visually gorgeous. Get crafting here.

A simple and fun way to spice up your workspace! Grab some assorted pretty paper from your local paper shop or recycle leftover wrapping paper etc. to get this look from here.

Are your plants starting to grow or beginning to go mental like mine? You might just need a DIY Tipi inspired trellis! Instructions here.

Simple sprucing up of the interior of your kitchen cabinets with mod podge! Spotted here.

Need to fix an old chair that has just seen too many bums in its day? Or purchase a beautiful old chair sans seat? Martha tells you how to fix it here!

No need for a boring standard office chair now! Spotted here.

Make your own bean bag ala modern day – if you are a kid, you call them bean bags but if you are a grown lady or gentleman, poof! Whatever you call ’em, you can learn how to DIY it here.

This is THE best Lack Ikea hack I have ever set eyes on!!!! Spotted here via French by Design.

Creating some simple storage to suit your needs! The Ikea storage wasn’t quite enough as is so this smartypants double up the shelf! Love it… Spotted here.

This is some creative use of Ikea bathroom organizers…. Succulent hanging garden pots! Spotted here.

We had a table just like this growing up – but with dark green legs so for that reason alone, I liked this quickly DIY stencil job! Spotted here.

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