Acknowledgments and Credits are important.

To BPL – Row House Nest was provided with some much needed start up funds by this lovely gentleman’s financial endowment.

Image of Row Houses on Our Twitter Account – the artistic dynamic duo called Flax Fox Designs from Northern Ireland generously allowed us to use their unique image for our Twitter account. We were dying to use the image on the website, but alas, it was a bit too busy for web design. The good news is, you can buy their amazing Northern Irish-centric prints here. And they also have an Etsy shop. Love their catch lines: “Had enough of the usual shamrock and leprechaun gift offerings from Northern Ireland? We’ve something different but still very Irish.” So true and so nice. They create high quality designs and gifts for the Northern Irish tourism and housewares market. Lovely!

Amazing Banner & Logo – a very talented and creative friend of The Row House Nest put his all into creating this unique design for The Row House Nest. Like his work? T North Design + Direction has birthed some amazing graphics, concepts, websites – you name really.  We bet that you won’t be disappointed with anything he does (actually, we promise)! Check out his website, look at his work and drop him a line to say hello.

  • Marisa

    This is such an amazing website! So many great ideas. Well done :)!!!!! I will share with everyone in Toronto :)