Creating A Beautiful But Practical Nursery Space

Where do you start when you are designing a small nursery nook for your new little one? Well if you are me, you start with the basics – the walls and the floor! As I prepared to welcome a baby into my life, I aimed to turn a large open-concept closet in our one bedroom apartment into a nursery nook (a cute term to basically say we don’t have room and will be placing our child into a closet). Knowing that the baby was due in the chilly month of December, I wanted the floor to be warm and cozy – but finding a rug that is pet and child friendly AND beautiful at the same time is near to impossible. Creating a beautiful but practical nursery space can be challenging but thanks to the innovative genius of Lorena Canals, my nook has a stylish AND plush rug that is WASHABLE. You read that correctly. Washable. If my bambino throws up on the rug… No problem, I pop it into my washing machine. And as of last week, my baby spits up… A LOT.

Creating A Beautiful But Practical Nursery Space- Row House Nest,

My little babe surprised us by arriving two weeks early so we are really still in the trenches of newborn love/haze/adjustment. We sadly haven’t had time to put the finishing touches on the nursery nook. Luckily, the rug was one of the first things I put out before he arrived as it just made the entire space feel so much cozier – seemed especially fitting as my babe arrived at the onset of a cold Canadian storm.

Creating A Beautiful But Practical Nursery Space- Row House Nest,

Our midwives said that he was the first of a batch of ‘storm babies’ that all arrived during the three day storm that hit Toronto around the time that he was born. I love how the rug accents the rest of the pieces we had acquired including this adorable bassinet that I updated and my original vintage Eames chair. On the Eames chair, I threw a sheepskin we had along with another great Lorena Canals find, a cloud shaped washable pillow. This pillow feels a little more for me at this point but in no time at all, my baby will be all grown up and need a reading nook. It is the perfect size and fluff level for laying down on to read.

Creating A Beautiful But Practical Nursery Space


Creating A Beautiful But Practical Nursery Space- Row House Nest, The perfect addition to a winter baby's nursery, a washable rug from Lorena Canals.

Before receiving my rug from Lorena Canals, I read about them, scoured reviews, looked closely at Instagram images… Moms raved about them but I have to say, until I opened up my own rug, I was skeptical. Could a child- and life-friendly rug really be beautiful, soft and practical? Rugs take a beating in my household. Our pets are a big part of our family – we do not have any ‘no go’ zones for them… So our rugs have to be durable.

Gender neutral nursery rug ideas

Finding something that would fit our cozy nursery nook that would be soft under foot felt like mission impossible. I kept thinking (with excitement and fear) about standing and sitting in the nursery with my new baby during the wee hours of the night. In the dead of the Canadian winter. I can tell you now that when you are awake at 1am, 3am and 5am, you take pleasure in small things, like the softness of a rug.

Adding a beautiful but practical rug that is washable to a gender neutral nursery via Row House Nest -

So cozy, this rug is even perfect for tummy time.

Creating A Beautiful But Practical Nursery Space - perfect for tummy time - via Row House Nest -

Also. HELLO WORLD – this is my little pup. Look at that perfect little baby bum!

Our Azteca Natural rug in vintage blue has proved itself to be everything it said it would be. The colors are soft and perfectly neutral for my gender neutral nursery. During 3am feeds, it is so soft and warm under foot, I don’t need to wear slippers or socks. The rug is so cozy, I have to chase the dog AND cat off of it as both instantly decided it was a new pet bed. Another redeeming factor for me as that fact that these rugs are not just practical in a day to day sense but they are also environmentally and socially responsible – non-toxic dyes, natural cotton, partial proceeds going to help pay for children to attend school in North India. A total feel-good purchase.

Adding a beautiful but practical rug that is washable to a gender neutral nursery via Row House Nest -

Adding a beautiful but practical rug that is washable to a gender neutral nursery via Row House Nest -

This is just the start of my nursery reveal and I can’t wait to share the rest of the details once we are organized (that will happen right?!?!). Who knew it was so hard to get things done with a newborn around???

Childrens rugs gender neutral

All photos are my own except for 5 and 9 which are from Lorena Canals.

Wall color: Distant Gray by Benjamin Moore (like most of my apartment!)

 Disclosure: Some links in this blog post are sponsored links and some of the products mentioned were supplied to me by Lorena Canals for me to try. The opinions and text are all mine. Don’t worry! I only write about brands I love!

  • Laura Meucci

    I am absolutely in love with the rug, the pillow (looking them up now!) and the basinet but the best thing in the picture…your little babe xoxo

    • Aw thanks Laura! Honestly, these rugs are the best.