Canadian Contact Voyaging Co.

A few weeks ago now (yes it takes me ages to blog about current events. Remember when I wrote about the snow but by the time I published the post the snow had melted? Yup.) I attended IDS 12… There were lots of concepts and high end interior design, but one nook I kept coming back to was Canadian company Contact Voyaging Co. Honestly – this is what I said to my sister as we walked away…

Image: Contact Voyaging Co

“Wow… Wow… Handsome designs. Handsome fella.” I think the ‘man’ manning the nooks name was Alexander (?). He answered all my questions and looked puzzled as I stared at his paddles. But he let me gawk at his work as if it was normal. Then I wandered away as to not look totally crazy.

My own picture.

Another photo by me.

A much nicer photo taken by John & Juli of Kitka Design  and Mjolk (and hence much better quality than mine!). Go to their blog here. Love them? I interviewed them once upon a time!

Love this image I found on Contact Voyaging Co’s Facebook group

Also couldn’t resist sharing this photo from their Facebook group as well

The IDS show was likely a great source of exposure for them but they are well on their way to being cheered and recognized for their efforts. Wallpaper* likes them too.

Love. Love. Love. Please go check out their work. Now.


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  • These are fantastic! I’d love a row of them in my living room 🙂