Complicated Floral Designs

Don’t you love that feeling when you see a vignette or room that you just love? You love the colours, the furniture, the art – and most of all – the feeling it gives you. Maybe I am just a home weirdo, but I sometimes see an image of a home or room and I just smile and think “I love you and I don’t know why” which makes it even more appealing to moi. It is an intuitive, instinctual attraction. Here are some of those images for me. Complicated Floral Designs

My heart fluttered when I saw this one. Spotted here.

Spotted here.

Patterns that were made for each other. Spotted here.

It is all in the details. Spotted here.

Monotone. Spotted here.

“I see flowers in you”, spotted here.

Maybe it is just the pigeon that is grabbing my attention? Spotted here.

All that and the kitchen sink. Spotted here.


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  • Beautiful colour inspiration here – makes me want to make my own painting:-)

  • Lovely colour inspiration! Makes me want to paint my own little piece of art!