Common Things Around The Row House Nest


Oh God another quote on a sweet picture (this is from Rose Blanche – an amazing area just down the way from where you take the Newfoundland ferry, Port Aux Basque). Ya ya. It’s cheesy but you know what? It is completely in sync with what I wanted to post about today. Somewhere along the way I lost my ability to blog. I started to feel like nothing was ‘blog worthy’. My weird little apartment is never quite right, so I don’t write about it. I am trying to save money and don’t have room for much in here, so I don’t blog about it. I do not go into home decor stores often anymore because I don’t want to dangle that carrot in front of my face, so that doesn’t get blogged about. What am I left with to talk about at the end of it all? Not much. It was a slippery slope. Now I never blog. Many of my posts in the past 12 months have been about getting back on the horse, writing more, photographing more etc. But I just haven’t done it. WHY? I have no clue. So I decided to do something different today. I decided to just share simple common things from my apartment. I didn’t clean. It is an over cast day in Toronto so the natural light sucks. But this is my life. And much like the quote suggests, I think we can extract so much happiness from common things. Our lives and happiness can be enriched by simple things. Here are my common things.









So these are some of my common things. What are your common things? Why are we so worried about sharing the common parts of our homes? We can’t all be showboating all the time. That isn’t real.

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  • LOVE THIS. And you. I have missed my favourite nester. And it is so true…who do we blog for? It should be for ourselves and we should be ok with sharing our lives common items and all.

  • Emily

    Love!! Thanks for reminding me that it doesn’t all have to be fabulous all the time!!