A Burst of Colourful DIY: The Roundup

It’s January. It’s dark…and cold….and sometimes depressing if you aren’t careful. Wanna know how to fend it off? BY SURROUNDING yourself in very very colourful stuff. That simple. Here is a super duper round up of all things colourful, bright and just plain exciting for the month of January.  Just a nice ol’ colourful DIY roundup for you!

That’s a nice set of legs toots

Butcher’s block + Steel legs + Bright Paint = this fun in a side table. Spotted on Country Living. What in the what now? I know. CL. Somehow… Don’t judge.

Buy some boring ass candlesticks from your local dollar/pound/whatever currency you exchange in store… Spray paint them bright colours and viola!

Martha Stewart is so smart.

Want to spice up a wall but have next to no cash flow? No problemo.

With a good hand and some awesome peacock blue tape you are on your way to the races. From the Little Green Notebook.

Make a fun colourful mobile for your house – instantaneous colour explosion wherever you put it

hrrrthrrr made this.

And Heather is so cool she made this colourful rolling rack for her clothes too

Hrrrthrrr is so smart.

You don’t have to go overboard with colour to feel the effect or presence of a few splashes/dashes of colour… Example:

Elsie & Jeremy spice up their kitchen table & kitchen collage with little dashes of colour on A Beautiful Mess

Again, this one is good for the penniless. Sticknote heart.

Jason Grant is cool.

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  • Igor Josifovic

    Honestly, I must embark on one of these color projects soon. I love the simple wooden sidetable with the colored legs. Need to do this!

  • Jules

    I super duper love spray paint. I have been on a kick lately and painted some random things around the house. Good times!