Stunning Homemade Coffee Table

So when I was visiting my very good old friend in Whistler and her oh so awesome husband (Mike – hope your head doesn’t fall off your shoulders!), I was asking about this awesome wood coffee table they had in their living room. Low and behold, Mike made it. MADE IT! Now he is in the ‘trade’ – carpentry – but still, it is one sweet table that he made from left over wood from work sites. Super impressed. I put my order in.

Amazing, no? Think Mike should start making these on the side for us normal folk.

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  • how2home

    Welcome back!!! How does it feel to be finally back home?! Mike did a great job on this coffee table. Very organic and beautiful!

  • Lisaroy

    I agree- it’s beautiful!

  • Shannon8foot6

    Love the coffee table! That is talent!!!