Charity Shop Grabs Of Late

A few things…. The Row House Nest is far from being decorated to our my tastes. It needs a lot of nesting materials. With limited means, we have slowly been picking things up.


Got these cutey teacups in Toronto at a Value Village over the holidays – paid around $4 for all 6.

Found this mug tree in the house – is useful for storing these more fragile teacups!

We are obsessed with this colour. So when we found this 50’s-60’s bowl for £4, we had to get it! Oh – and our fruit needs to live somewhere!

LOVE this vintage print. The frame is a little banged up, so we got it for only £2. Well worth it! Need to find a home for it in the nest.

It’s tea time! A cute milk jug. When in doubt about colours etc., buy a glass one! That’s what we did. Could NOT decide on a look so went with glass. Got for a £1.

And finally, the first REAL DIY project that we are getting our hands into:

A telephone BENCH! Not quite the bench we were looking for but it was too funky to pass up. Just look at the potential? Having a hard time seeing it???? So was my Irish. It will be great. And all our guests at The Row House Nest will be thanking me when they have a cozy spot to put on their wellies!

Imagine the tan coloured pleather is gone. To pleather heaven. We are thinking we might paint the wood a funky dark teal colour – to match our gate that we are going to be re-painting on the next dry weekend (at this time of the year there are FEW in Ireland, boo!)

What do you think of the fabric? It is a sample The Row House Nest received free of charge from William Morris & Co.

We also got this one in the mail today and it might be funky as there is some very strange red carpet up the stairs in the Nest (Ugg).

And for fun:

This fabric would lend to doing some a little more funky – like painting it a mustard yellow or black – and using a bold fabric on the seat area. What do you think?

So next mission to do with our new telephone bench – find either somewhere to buy William Morris & Co fabric at reduced prices (unlikely) or shop around for similar looking fabric at a lower price (likely!).

  • Laura

    Hows the telephone bench coming along? Its very funky – love the 1st fabric!

    Laura x

    • it is coming along! A few touch ups and we will post the final product this week! It ended up being quite the headache unfortunately!