DIY Cedar Window Box

So once upon a time (well last week) I got contacted by a super lovely woman named Jordana about a workshop that Home Depot was going to run.

I went.
Then this happened.


Believe it or not – I made that sweet cedar window box! With some professional help of course. The folks at Home Depot weren’t going to leave us up to our devices, that is just stupid. But with supervision we sawed, nail gunned (it’s a verb now as far as I am concerned), glued and stood around looking proud of our ourselves. No one likes to read the text, so here are the pictures!

This next image was taken by Jordana at Environics Communication.

All lined up and ready to rock and roll here. Blog babes.


Heather from Interior Groupie getting down to business. She wrote about her love for nail guns here.


Lexi in the pink was my building buddy. She writes Lex In The City. She really was my buddy by the end (we delved into some saw and gun related trust exercises).


Ollie likes cedar.


Here’s what my final product looked like. I haven’t stained it yet because I am lazy. Very very lazy when it is a gazillion degrees out.


Interested in making your own flower box? You can find out about more workshops here.

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  • Interiorgroupie

    Fun recap! Love the finished product. I think next time maybe they could hold a draw for a nail gun?

  • how2home

    This is such a fun idea! Did take long to do? Can you give us a breakdown of materials and instructions to make a planter?

    • Working on the link to the project – if the people at Home Depot can’t find it for me, I will type out the instructions for you! Thanks for asking 🙂 Was easy and a great project.

  • Jules

    LOVE this! I wana go…to home depot. Also I am lazy with this heat wave. Garret and I have been sleeping on our couch so we can revel in the huge fan. xo