More Awesome: Cayo Coco Cuba

Last week I posted that I was trying to have more awesome in my life. I took a few days off blogging, went somewhere that the internet doesn’t really exist (unreliable dial up anyone?) and turned off. Here are some of the stunning photos I took in Cayo Coco Cuba.

Cayo Coco CubaCayo Coco CubaCayo Coco CubaCayo Coco CubaMy homemade holiday bag made the trip!

sunset in Cayo Coco Cubareal starfish cubaFound a starfish on our walk

Cayo Coco CubaOur collection

beach walks Cayo Coco CubaSet the starfish free again – and put him/her back into the water so he didn’t bake in the sun in the sandbar

So that’s the summary… I need a few days to get back to regular blogging. Enjoy our pictures until then! xo


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  • Igor Josifovic

    Where have you been? This pics are awesome – so in need of sun and sea right now!!

  • Heather @ InteriorGroupie

    Gorgeous! No wonder you looked so nice and tanned 🙂 Was great meeting you on Friday

  • Jules

    ooooooh…….jealous! You deserve it sweet babes. Did you make that bag? For I love it.