Cathedral Ceilings

A reader recently got in touch to ask me about cathedral ceilings. She had searched Row House Nest for inspiration and ideas but found nothing. {Sorry!}. Her open concept kitchen and living room space has a cathedral ceiling and she was struggling to come up with a budget friendly plan on how to inject some style and coziness into the large space.

To get the creative juices going we combed through some homes with cathedral style ceilings as a start…

The use of a mirror in this bedroom creates a focal point. Spotted here.

Although we don’t love the decor in this room look at the wall – those details are awesome!

This is THE Amy Butler’s home. Quirky huh? What we liked about this room is the use of wallpaper on one wall. It adds some texture to the room. Spotted here.

This room is obviously pretty unusual but I love the wood on the ceiling. The fireplace area draws the eye. Sweet. Spotted here.

Again, don’t adore the look of this room but it does demonstrate an interesting use of the space and colour. Spotted here.

This room has a dramatic effect with the wall gallery. Very interesting to see that most people choose to keep their cathedral style ceilings white. Spotted here.

This space is so light and airy! This is by far one of my favourite looks thus far. Spotted here.

The wood panel behind the bed creates an interesting look. Spotted here.

This is an interesting idea, they have added a very light blue to the walls while leaving the ceiling white. Spotted here.

This one may be more of a vaulted ceiling than a cathedral ceiling but I love how a little comfy nook has been created. Spotted here.

This room has very high unique ceilings – the use of a shelf type thing across the center is neat. Spotted here.

This is a great starting point and has really gotten my creative juices flowing about what the Row House Nest reader could do with her space. Next week we are going to take a look at what sort of style would suit her particular space and see what she could try on a budget (of course!). One thing that has already become very clear and that is that most people tend to keep their ceiling white….

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