Find Momo – THE BOOK!

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You know when you meet someone and you just know they are incredibly talented and you hope others will see that one day? This isn't the first time I have mentioned the work of Andrew Knapp and his loyal bud Momo. And I am excited to get to share with my readers a special sneak peek of his PUBLISHED work! You can see all the amazing things he is up to on his website here but today I am just sharing his new Find Momo book. On March 14th, 2014 Find Momo will be available for y'all to enjoy from Quirk Books. An amazingly simple premise. A dog loves to play, hide and be thrown sticks. Owner realizes dog will 'stay' until stick is thrown. Momo stays. Hides. Andrew snaps pic. People go wild for pic. It's "Where's Waldo" but for insane dog lovers like myself.  I died laughing when I opened up the ...

The Inside Scoop: An Interview with Artist Julia Hepburn

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Does everyone have a time period in their teenager years where they thought to themselves that they would love to become an artist of some sort like I did? Or maybe that was just me and some sort of odd fantasy I had! Well when I was younger I loved the idea of creating assemblage pieces - fusing history with visually appealing objects... Alas, you might be surprised to know it never quite worked out for me..... But becoming a professional artist did work out for Julia Hepburn, a full time artist who creates dioramas (miniature models). I met Julia years ago through her now husband, Hayden, an old friend of mine. On several different occasions I got to check out her pieces in person and I can tell you right now that no photograph will ever do her work justice. They are breathtaking, incredibly fascinating and truly, you need to see them in ...

The Inside Scoop: An Interview with Designer Harrison Pike

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The Inside Scoop: An Interview with Design Intern Harrison Pike. As always, we think it is important to offer readers something a little different and possibly some new insights into the interior design world. The majority of readers are likely people like myself, completely unprofessional and untrained in interior design but have a desire (AKA nosiness) to learn more about those who do work within the industry. Our interview with Harrison Pike, a young talented design intern, will be especially informative for aspiring designers who are interested in the who, how and what.

The Inside Scoop, An Interview with Belle & Boo

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The Inside Scoop, An Interview with Belle & Boo – You know when you are looking at reams and reams of stores for children’s collections then suddenly one just clicks? It’s always for a personal reason and I must admit, me falling for Belle & Boo is 110% selfish. Mandy Sutcliffe, the brainchild and illustrator behind Belle & Boo, has created an entire collection of artworks based on her illustrations of the characters Belle and Boo.