Transitions From Fall to Winter – WINTER DIY Roundup.

Sunday, November 4, 2012 1 Permalink 0

There. I went there. It's post Halloween. Pre-snow filled streets. Holiday music has started in some stores (or so I've heard). I need to wear a hat and mitts to walk the dog. So basically it is now officially 'okay' to start with winter-ish themed DIY projects. Whether you agree or not, there are some amazing projects making the rounds on social media right now. It has been AGES since I have done a DIY roundup - especially a themed one, so I thought I would get into the winter mood and tip my hat to some fun projects out there right now. Adore this simple, naturey placecard holder idea from the folks at Martha From Martha Stewart I love the simplicity of this wreath - it doesn't overly do the 'holiday' look. Found it on My Shabby Chic House I would love to do this type of thing but put my own spin on ...

The Artful Badger: Pick-pocketing Sweet Art (DIY Round’Em Up)

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Wow, that title is way over complicated. This is how it unrolled before my eyes. Me: "Hey self, what should I call a DIY round up post about art?" ME: "Well don't be boring, don't just say "DIY Art Roundup" Me: "Ummmm..What about the artful badger?" ME: "Huh? Where is that from. Better google it." Me: "Ohhh ya... It's the character from Oliver Twist - the pickpocket. " ME: "Ya use all of that. Oh wait. Write something about it being a DIY post too." UGG! Story of my life, talking too much, over complicating something incredibly simple. Like a blog post, about sweet do it yourself art. Okay you got the story, now GO! *I have to preface this by saying I have zero artistic ability, I assume others don't either. So the 'art' will be on the easy side and just a pinch of creativity* I really love this first idea.... As I love animals. If you ...

DIY’s: Pipe Dreams

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 4 Permalink 0

There are lots of different kinds of pipes out there. Image: UCLA Library But I'm talking industrial, nitty, gritty factory pipes today. In your home. Minus the nitty gritty of course. You can make lots of sweet do it yourself pipe inspired projects. Like this garment rack: Spotted on A Beautiful Mess And want a rack but need some lighting going on in there? Spotted on Weekday Carnival A skinny pipe desk. Spotted on the Arting Starvist Bam! Open concept industrial shelving! Spotted on iVillage (although the how-to component seems to be gone?) Farmhouse table with some new legs Spotted on Frugal Farmhouse Design More open concept shelving. Spotted on The Brick House I like the simplicity of this small desk and that it is tucked away against a wall (feels like something I would do). Spotted on Katherine Sharpe's blog That's all for today, excuse my brevity! Still trying to find my feet after the last few weeks of manic work and social activities!

Oh Snap! DIY’s In Your Face.

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I can't believe I just let myself use that title for my post. That's my ghetto side coming out. :| Yup. Nope. Moving on. I am too tired to come up with some sweet themed DIY roundup, so instead I am just reverting back to my old ways: a good ol' fashion roundup. Of some of my recent favs. Enjoy! Prepare to be shocked. This DIY is pretty amazing. Another Ikea hack my friends. From The Painted Hive! How unique is this fridge? It's contact paper, for real.  Spotted on My 2nd Hand Life  For the hot young babes in your life. A copper mobile. The talented Crafty Sisters made this. Another Ikea hack. Phenom. Spotted on Elle Interior. I really have a thing for tie dye right now. From Michael Penney Style I love anything camping so I obviously adore this. It would also be great for additional seating in your house (if your friends and family didn't mind being perched ...