Canadian Cottage

If I had my own cottage I would have no problem knowing what to do with it. It is a whole other kettle of fish if I had a house in the city. That I owned. My ‘style’ tends to be a little schizophrenic in nature – one thing one moment, another later on that same day. I have grand tastes at times, modest budget usually and dream big. “When I have extra money” is a regular thought that goes through my brain. Like that is EVER going to happen. Sometimes I like modern clean slate type looks, always love vintage, always love art and my attraction to certain colours comes and goes. So how the hell would I ever pull together one whole house? No idea. But like I said, a cottage? No problem.

*PS I should make it clear that I have two very different distinct ideas in my head for my Canadian cottage versus my Irish cottage. YUP! One day I will have 2. Mark my words*

Canadian Cottage Spotted: Smith & Vansant Architects

Spotted: Algonquin Park Cottage Outpost Web Log


Although not practical for heating reasons, I love the idea of one glass wall facing the water

Spotted: Marie Claire Maison

Here is another great example of a glass wall in a cabin setting

Spotted: Wandawega Lake Resort (check out their site – great music & beautiful images)

Spotted: Wandawega Lake Resort

I love the idea of creating built in storage

Spotted: Marie Claire Maison 

Another gem from Wandawega Lake Resort (I am in love, sorry B!)

An updated wood stove would complete the kitchen for me. Spotted: Rue Magazine

Rustic features like this sink would keep rooms low maintenance for me

Spotted: Lily 

Spotted: design*sponge

Spotted: Loreta blog (all the beautiful things)

Straight from the pages of Pure Green Magazine, which I am absolutely loving. Be sure to check out Pure Green Magazine Here – I had the pleasure of meeting Celine, the founder at Blog Podium. She was a gem. And extremely down to earth. I know that I will personally be supporting Pure Green as much as possible.

Original source unknown (yes I looked on Google and Tiny Eye!)

Okay I should just stop there because now I am getting sad that I don’t have this fictional cottage. XO


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  • sigh. I’m really missing our Muskoka place right now. Even though it was a little larger than a typical cottage, the setting and view from our big windows out to the river was magical. Winter and summer.

  • Karlafindlay

    I can not WAIT for you to have an “up north” cottage. Hopefully close to me here or my cottage further north – I’ll take either. I still have a gift for you that will be the perfect first addition to your cottage. Come and see me and I will give it to you. It’s so great I can’t believe I am not keeping it for myself! xoxoxo

  • Anonymous

    Wow, these are amazing images, I have always pined for a cottage as well… Your blog is fantastic – I came from the Blog Podium Pinterest site and I am staying!

  • Anonymous

    Big windows – yes please!

    I want a cottage sooo bad…but we are being practical…we can’t spend the time to maintain a cottage…

    i also want a pied a terre in Paris soooo bad