Buy local art

You will never ever regret it, full stop. No matter the price you paid, it will become an object that you will create a little ‘memory box’ for in your head. For years to come, you will start conversations with”See that print/painting/art there? That was from _________[insert location] by such and such [insert artist’s name] from when I lived in _________[insert past place of residence]. Now don’t be disillusioned, it won’t always suit your evolving home decor or style, but it will never go out of fashion for its sentimental value.

As an example, over the Christmas holidays we spotted some unique poster prints for sale in the basement of a Queen West bookstore (type books). Upon further investigation, they were the work of Jack Dylan, a Toronto artist. His work is fantastic. Here are some examples from his website:

Jack Dylan, ‘Grizzly Bear’ poster via here.

Jack Dylan ‘Pop Montreal’ poster via here.

He had one particular print of Trinity Bellwoods Park that was not only striking but also held 110% sentimental worth for us. We feel in love. Love at first sight. It was a clean, art deco/Gothic style print showing Trinity in all its glory – the gates, dogs being walked, autumn leaves… You get the idea. But it gets better. If you purchased 3 prints – you saved lots of money. We bought 3 prints for $30 CND and one print was given to each sibling in our family. That is $10 a print. Wow.

Here is how the print looks in it’s new home in Ireland:

Jack Dylan ‘Trinity Bellwoods’

If you are not sure where to start, begin by thinking about places or subjects that have meaning for you. Follow up by starting with Etsy. Do a search for your chosen location or topic. Start asking around. Do you have any friends who are artists or run with an artsy group? Put it out there that you are searching for local artwork. We always notice nice work in restaurants – ask a staff member who did the piece and don’t be surprised when they tell you its by a local artist.

If you have any great stories about procuring local art at great prices, let us know! We love those kinds of stories! And we love pictures!

Good luck.

  • the dude

    found the friggin site… at last…woot woot..

    So here, loving the etch a sletch artwork and taking heed of your comments about art shops in toronto…

    Would you know of any other areas except those mainly around queen street in the design district where one could find these independant funky trinkly shops…?!?!?

    many thanks in advance – an irish traveller!