Bursting with Patterns

I have really been drawn to rooms filled with varied patterns lately – you are likely thinking ‘So what?’…Maybe I am too! So what Meagan? Big whoop. Well you know what? I’ll tell you what. I think they are frickin’ cool. I wasn’t always a pattern loving lady. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have anything against lots of crazy different patterns in one room, it just wasn’t ‘my’ thing. In fact one day I wore a ‘patterned’ sweater to an old friends house and she was like “OH WOW MEAGS! You are wearing a patterned sweater!”. Who knew I was pattern adverse? Not I. Since then I have come a long ass way… All the way to this pattern craziness, just bursting with patterns over here.

A pattern bomb went off in this sweet bedroom. Spotted here.

Original source unknown but spotted via Marion House Book.

Original source unknown but spotted here.

Full of life and colour. Just the way I like it. Spotted here.

It’s complicated. J’adore. Spotted here.

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