Bringing The Weather Indoors

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 1 Permalink 0

Is it just me or does the weather seem to be getting more and more extreme these days? From scary weather warnings and evacuations to extreme heat waves and harsh harsh winters… There is something incredibly fascinating about the strength of Mothernature at her finest moments of saying “F you Earthlings! Take THAT!”. Thinking about all the crazy weather that has been occurring across the globe got me thinking about any good coming from these events, and one positive little sunshine from it is the photography. There are some amazing photographs out there capturing the good, the evil and the amazing.

A storm rolling in. By Kokoszkaa.

Amazing clouds over a city, by 號獃 .

A funnel touching down. Artist unknown – tumblr.

Lovely pink sky, by Wendy Mark here.

Spotted here.

Ice Storm. Spotted here.

Original source unknown. Found via here.

Taken by moi. 2011.

Frosty Irish Winter. Taken by moi. 2011.

Another Meagan original, Florence at sunset, 2011.

Heavy morning fog lifting, Algonquin Park taken by my dad.

  • Miannie1

    I know that it’s “controversial” but I believe in global warming and am convinced that we have a very short time left to us to repair what we have done to the planet. I don’t get it that the government hasn’t poured money into saving what we can. I believe that people trash those that believe it’s happening so that they don’t have to face the scarey truth. All the changes we would have to make would be just mind boggling. It’s easier to deny and it gives big companies profit for life to stay as is. This is the first time I have publicly expressed my opinion but your blog and the pictures – we have disrupted the planet so badly how can we not have caused huge problems like weather changes and killing off species by interfering in their habitats. I will be delighted if we find out that this is all “normal’ changes that are happening and I’m reacting to nothing. I listened to the Alaskan guides who showed us how the glaciers are shrinking quicker each year – they have records – the oceans have warmed and we have used it as a waste ground. Am I the only one that is praying that God will save us and repair the world? And also forgiving all of us for destroying what He made for us. sorry, the soapbox came out. Didn’t mean to – just would love to hear other’s thoughts. If it’s not appropriate to raise questions – please delete. Thank you for sharing your awesome pictures!!